Gain access to you computer,
anytime and anywhere.

No additional program, no complicated authentication process.
Your computer, just like how you use it!

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Fast and easy remote access, even on the mobile!

Access your computer from any device, anywhere and anytime.

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Enjoy your vacation with PCAny.

Found yourself frantically dealing with an urgent task while traveling?
Quickly access your home or office computer, with ease.

Cheaper than your round-trip metro fare!

Efficient device management tool

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USE CASE 1: Overtime work
Tasks that were only permitted on my work computer can now be done at home. “At my workplace, employees are only allowed to work on computers in the office, which often leads me to work after hours. It was difficult to spend time with my children because of simple fixes that were needed to be done after working hours. Now because of PCAny, I am able to work on my mobile on my way back home or on my computer at home. There's definitely more laughter in the house.”


USE CASE 2: Busy college student
Left something at home again? No worries. “I rushed to get to campus in the morning after working on a presentation all night, but left the actual paper and even the USB containing the file at home. No one was home, thereby no one to ask to send the file. I panicked for a second, but I realized that I had PCAny and started to feel relieved. With PCAny, I quickly sent the file from my computer at home and gave the presentation. If my grades are good this semester, it is all thanks to PCAny!”


USE CASE 3: POS system management
Save on your travel fees by not visiting other branches. “I spent most of my time on the road during business trips, visiting multiple cities trying to get to all the branches to do maintenance work on POS devices. But after integrating PCAny, I am able to view and manage sales of all the branches, while sitting in front of a computer at my office. I can also fix simple errors without having to travel so much— this solution saves both time and money.”


USE CASE 4: Frequent business trips
No need to carry around heavy laptops. “I had to give a presentation at my client's office, but my laptop wouldn't power on when I got there. There was no time to go back to my office, but then I remembered PCAny. I immediately accessed my work computer from my phone, and used screen-sharing to mirror my phone to the display on-site, delivering a successful presentation without a laptop.”

Easy, fast, multi-functional.
Low cost, high-performing remote access.

  • Frictionless remote access
    for fast, stable connection

  • Convenient remote access
    for portability

  • Configurable remote access
    to fit different work environments

  • Even faster remote access
    with driver technology

  • Open remote access
    without a firewall or private work

  • Safe remote access
    through SSL and two-factor authentication

  • Cost-effective remote access
    with easy, installation

  • Simple remote access
    possible by using drawing tool

  • Easy remote access
    to make two-way file transfer